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Full-Service American Bankruptcy Help
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With Chapter 7Bankruptcy.com it is all about quality and quality comes from meticulous attention to details. Because of our decades of experience, we are absolutely sure your bankruptcy document will meet or exceed the requirements and we back this with a full money-back guarantee.

Your privacy is important to Chapter 7Bankruptcy.com and this is why Chapter 7Bankruptcy.com never shares your information with anyone. Chapter 7Bankruptcy.com uses the information you give strictly for preparing your documents as described in our privacy policy. 

The security of the information that you give us is important to you as well as to us. This is not limited to your payment information alone but extends to the information your give us to prepare your documents. Our servers and facilities are certified PCI compliant, which is the banking and credit card industry standard for data safety. 

When you pay Chapter 7Bankruptcy.com for our services, we do not store your payment information anywhere. It is passed straight through to your credit card bank by the authorized credit card gateways, and no trace of your payment information is retained by us in any way. This means that you can confidently conduct your transaction on our chapter-7-bankruptcy.com" site knowing that it is impossible for your payment information to get into the wrong hands.


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Chapter 7Bankruptcy.com provides you three choices for your chapter 7 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Software, Full-Service Complete and the Ultimate. We spotlight each of the options to help you make the right choice.

Ultimate Full-Service Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Our Ultimate FS bankruptcy product includes everything offered in the Complete Full-Service product plus our proprietary one-of-a-kind knowledge-base.

The name says it all. Full-service bankruptcy filing means that you get to sit back and let us do all the work for you -- and Ultimate means that it doesn't get any better than this. You do not have to do it yourself alone or struggle with software; and you do not have to read any bankruptcy manuals or learn any exemption laws. All you do is give Chapter 7Bankruptcy.com your information on our web site and we take it from there. The end result is that you get a complete set of chapter 7 bankruptcy documents meeting or exceeding that of most attorneys, and we help guide it through the system from start to finish, and even beyond the final discharge.

What is our Chapter 7Bankruptcy.com Ultimate full-service bankruptcy product? In a word, it is, "We take full responsibility for getting you your chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge." Your bankruptcy discharge is on us! But it does not stop there. We show you how to get a lot more out of your bankruptcy filing that just the discharge. That is where the "Ultimate" come is.

See the table below for details.


Compare the various products below and choose the one that is right one for you.
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Chapter 7

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$ 179

Software Ultimate Complete
Get your finished documents online. Nothing to install.
You get 100% of all the official federal bankruptcy forms completed.
Includes joint filing with a spouse at no additional cost.
Forms are guaranteed to be valid in all 50 states or your money back.
Your bankruptcy is prepared for you by experts, so you know it will be approved instantly.
You give us your information online at your convenience 24/7 on our easy intake site.
Take your time giving us your info. Log back in at your convenience and continue where you left off.
Make changes to your information as often as you like, until we are done delivering the finished documents.
The documents are complete and court ready. Just sign your name and file.
Your documents will be ready within hours, not weeks as is the case with almost all lawyers.
Receive non-stop support from our bankruptcy experts all through the process and even after the discharge.
If you need to make changes after your filing or even after your discharge, we can help.
When it is time for your creditor meeting, we provide you information to prepare you, so that the process is a breeze.
Our service comes with our insane guarantee. We actually guarantee the discharge, not just the documents. No one else does that.
Ultimate Features: You get access to our Ultimate bankruptcy know-how listed below.
Includes: How to plan your bankruptcy so it does not appear on your credit report.
Includes: How to use bankruptcy to erase bad credit and re-establish good credit.
Includes: How to avoid creditor objections on maxed-out credit cards.
Includes: How to discourage creditors from coming after spouse even if he or she does not file.
Includes: How to retain all your cars and trucks if you run out of exemptions.
Includes: How to keep your expensive luxury items without exemptions.
Includes: How to discharge certain secured debts and still keep the collateral without paying anything.
Includes: How to keep most other collateral and pay only pennies on the dollar.
Includes: How to use reaffirmation agreements to keep all your financed appliances and furniture and pay nothing.
Includes: How to file bankruptcy again if you filed one recently and have not waited the mandatory waiting period.
It includes a lot more than these. These are just some of the benefits of our Ultimate bankruptcy product. It includes everything the Complete bankruptcy product has to offer and a lot more. Please note that the special bankruptcy know-how that is included in the Ultimate bankruptcy product is optional. Either way, you still get the best bankruptcy filing possible.


"I just wanted to comment on your services. I filed my Chapter 7 forms with your services. When I filed them with the clerk, she was astonished at the quality of my petition and said for someone filing myself, I had done and excellent job. So I am passing the compliment on to you since you prepared them. Thanks again. Jerry S." - Jerry S, Allegheny, PA